Rabu, 11 Mei 2016

Megan Fox Before And After Botox And Lip Injections (Shocking)

Many celebrity plastic surgery observers regard Megan Fox plastic surgery attempts as failures. But we have seen from the pictures that though things went from bad to worse from 2005 to 2010, Megan Fox seems to have recovered and fixed her artificial looks by 2014. The before and after photo series have shown that perhaps Megan Fox sought for better plastic surgery advice from another plastic surgeon. And that probably rescued her from a plastic surgery disaster.
While in her Hope and Faith days, Megan was so much different than she was and I don’t mean in terms of age. Her lips were way thinner than they now are, I don’t know of a natural way to get those Angelina Jolie lips other than lip injections, do you?
In an attempt to convince fans that she hasn't gotten any Botox she released this photo to Instagram. One of the effects of Botox is limited facial movement. Your face essentially becomes "frozen" as they like to say. Are we seriously to believe that she's never had a needle to her face just because she makes a tiny like wrinkle in her forehead? If just about every single person in the world thinks you got plastic surgery, then that says something. It's not just civilians because plastic surgeons are almost much synonymous that she's had extensive work done.